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LCT Pilot Plant for Steam Cracking on YouTube - 14/08/2015

The LCT pilot plant for steam cracking is acknowledged as the world's leading research facility for steam cracking in the following YouTube-movie on swirl flow tube technology.


Article on LCA in pharmaceutical industry published in MO-magazine - 17/07/2015

UGent and Caloritum to win prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Award - 09/07/2015

The research group of Prof. Chris Stevens, member of the CleanChem consortium, and Caloritum NV (Wouter Ducheyne) were awarded the first prize by the Royal Society of Chemistry in their Emerging Technologies Competition.

This annual competition aims at supporting the commercialization of innovative ideas in the fields of Health, Energy & Sustainability, and Materials.

The Jury awarded Caloritum and the University of Ghent for the development of an efficient chemical heat-pump, inspired by the energy storage concept of living cells in nature. This principle, combined by the expertise in phosphoric chemistry, delivers a profitable technology to recover and transform industrial waste heat into high value industrial process heat.

The consortium is the first non-British winner of the 20.000GBP prize in the category Energy & Sustainability.

COILSIM1D brochure available - 20/04/2015

CleanChem to attend ICCK2015 - 01/06/2015

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